The psychologist named the most dangerous day of the week

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Friday is a mental health hazard. With such a statement, on October 23, in an interview with radio Sputnik, a senior researcher at the laboratory of labor psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University Irina Blinnikova spoke.

According to the specialist, at the end of the working week, the burden of accumulated fatigue begins to put pressure on a person, although he may not feel it.

“If we take the performance curve, then there is a“ last rush ”stage. If a person knows that he has the end of the working day or the end of the working week, then he starts to work better. He is waiting for the end of work and the start of rest. But Friday and the end of Thursday are still quite a difficult time. The accumulated fatigue makes itself felt, ”she explained.

According to Blinnikova, another reason to call Friday a difficult day is the backlog of unfinished work. Attempts to have time for everything at once can eventually turn into serious health problems, both physical and psychological, the expert warned.

The specialist recommended planning your time and distributing the load evenly over the days of the week.

On May 10, the chief physician of the city clinical hospital No. 71, Alexander Myasnikov, told about the risks of disturbed sleep patterns and daily routine.

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