Volgograd drivers would like to toughen pedestrian fines

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36% of motorists from Volgograd, according to the survey, believe that it is necessary to toughen pedestrian fines for traffic violations.

RGS Bank conducted a study that showed that 54% of Volgograd car owners are sure that pedestrians violate traffic rules most often. However, 46% of the drivers surveyed admitted that motorists themselves often make mistakes.

Most often, claims from Volgograd car owners to pedestrians are related to the safety of life and health. Drivers are annoyed by those who cross the carriageway in the wrong place or do not look around – 50% and 41%, respectively.

In addition, Volgograd motorists do not like it when pedestrians consider themselves to be the main ones on the road – 23%, behave indecisively on the roadway – 18%, throw cigarette butts and garbage – 17% and do not use reflectors at night – 14%.

36% of Volgograd motorists propose to toughen pedestrian fines. However, 27% believe that this method does not work in our country. 19% of drivers responded that the current pedestrian fines are sufficient. At the same time, 14% believe that it is necessary to tighten control over the existing penalties, and not increase their size. Another 4% believe that the drivers themselves are to blame for the accident.

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