The Prosecutor’s Office of Mari El clarifies the reasons for the hospitalization of schoolgirls

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The Mari El prosecutor’s office organized a check on the fact of hospitalization of schoolgirls from a class.

Last week, December 9, five girls aged 15-16 were taken to the hospital straight from a ballet class at the National Presidential School of the Arts for Gifted Children. Four of them live in the National Presidential General Education Boarding School, and one in the city with their parents.

Tests taken at the hospital showed no food disorders or viral infection. Now the girls feel good and are with their parents, doctors look after them on an outpatient basis.

The prosecutor’s office organized an audit of the implementation of legislation on education and the protection of life and health of children. The actions of the administrations of educational institutions will be assessed.

Recall earlier MK in Mari El wrote that the Investigative Committee is also conducting a pre-investigation check into the hospitalization of schoolgirls.

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