The President of Moldova promulgates the law on the reduction of the retirement age

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The head of state, Igor Dodon, considers the adoption of the law on lowering the retirement age and on the abolition of the “law of a billion” useful for citizens and meeting the national interests of Moldova. The President announced this after the completion of the voting procedure in parliament.

“We are talking about the abolition of the so-called“ law of a billion ”, which placed the burden of theft of the century on the shoulders of citizens. Now our fellow citizens, including business, are not obliged to pay for the stolen billion. The second law, of equal importance, concerns the retirement age – 57 years for women and 62 years for men. For mothers of five or more children, it is reduced to 54 years. Earlier, we opposed the adoption of the so-called “law of a billion”, which obliged our people to pay over 800 million lei for the next 25 years. We also opposed the 2016 pension reform, which led to an increase in the pension qualification. And over the past four years, as president, I have repeatedly insisted on repealing the billion law and pension reform. Our initiatives have been blocked so far. Today we succeeded! ” – Igor Dodon said.

He also noted that, as head of state, he is ready to promulgate these laws next week.

“I understand that some politicians who participated in the theft of a billion and in raising the retirement age were categorically against these laws and launched apocalyptic scenarios of what the consequences of this vote would be.

“I am personally convinced that the adoption of these laws by the parliament will benefit the citizens and meet the national interests of Moldova,” concluded Igor Dodon.

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