The Pentagon explained the regrouping of troops in Europe by the advance towards Russia

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The United States is regrouping its forces in Europe in order to move towards the borders of Russia, said Pentagon chief Mark Esper.

According to him, Washington intends to strengthen its “containment” of Russia and therefore is increasing its military presence at the Russian borders. It was for this purpose that American leader Donald Trump decided to redeploy part of the military from Germany to other European countries, Esper said.

“We are strengthening our containment of Russia and strengthening the (North Atlantic) Alliance. Ultimately, we are moving a lot of troops further east, closer to the borders of Russia, ”the head of the Pentagon told FoxNews on August 8.

Esper added that the US NATO allies have approved such moves.

Earlier, the American Secretary of Defense noted that the alliance intends to strengthen its eastern flank; for this purpose, 11,900 US troops were sent from Germany to Belgium and Italy.

In addition, Washington announced its intention to send an additional 1,000 troops to Poland.

On August 4, the Pentagon said the development and deployment of sea-launched nuclear cruise missiles was necessary to contain Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly noted the increased activity of NATO near the borders of the Russian Federation. In August last year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described the tense situation along the western borders.

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