The opening of the exhibition of Anna Voronina

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On July 30, BCS Ultima hosted the opening of the exhibition of paintings “Precious Stones” by contemporary artist Anna Voronina. This is the first synthesis of jewelry and artistic excellence.

The event took place at BCS Ultima. The guests of the exhibition were Russian politicians, businessmen, world-class athletes and public figures.

In addition to the exhibition, an entertainment program awaited the guests: the semi-finalist of “Voice 4” Maria Eroyan and the group “Royal Drive”, a cigar workshop and mini-golf.

“I have known Anna’s work for a very long time. Her paintings are not just interior decoration. They are her children with soul, skill and many years of experience. I think she is one of the first to combine the beauty of natural stones and the art of painting, ”Svetlana Zhurova, Soviet and Russian speed skater, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, shared her impressions of the exhibition.

Anna Voronina – Adviser to Tatyana Mineeva, Ombudsman for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Moscow. Anna is included in the Top 100 Best PR Specialists in Russia according to the Kommersant newspaper and the Association of Managers, but she knows how to open up in a new way.

The artist presented 15 paintings of epoxy resin and precious stones: rock crystal, garnet, pearls, agate. The works written in the metamodern style aroused the interest of the audience – many responded to the work of the artist.

Epoxy is difficult to work with. The subtleties and nuances of this material do not give a person without preparation the opportunity to draw a picture of the house himself.

For example, the resin boils very quickly. If you mix the resin of the wrong temperature in a conventional plastic cup, then it can melt, and the material itself can boil, boil and start to smoke.

“Anna’s paintings are both inspiring and soothing at the same time. I was amazed by the precious stones that were so skillfully woven into the piece. I think these are works not only for beauty, but also for the soul, “said Ekaterina Avdeeva, member of the General Council, chairman of the Committee for the Development of Legal Services and Expertise of Bills of the Delovaya Rossiya NGO.

Each of the works of the author’s cycle “Precious Stones” carries passion, makes the author feel deep emotional experiences. The energy of the precious stones that have been used in each painting complement and enhance emotions and feelings.

Anna Voronina is a bright contemporary artist who exhibits in galleries and works with private dealers. Her specialization is interior emotional painting. Works made in this style have no plot, do not depict individual compositions and figures. They convey the author’s feelings, emotional impulses and experiences.

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