The old Karelian chapel was cleared of love messages from Vika and Valera

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Within two hours, employees of the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Karelia cleared the chapel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the 18th century from inscriptions, writes Respublika. The chapel was cleaned with solvents, special brushes, water and soap.

The publication also quoted the opinion of one of the local residents about the incident. For example, Valentina Novoyavcheva, the chapel superintendent, does not believe that the inscriptions on the cultural heritage site are the work of local children or teenagers. And there is no one in the village with such names.

The head of the department, Yulia Alipova, also believes that the inscriptions were made by one of the visitors, because the local residents have a special attitude towards the chapel, they treat it with warmth.

The police are currently investigating the incident.

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