The expert warned about the danger of expired tea

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Agriculture specialist Vladimir Vikulov in an interview with Sputnik radio spoke about the dangers of drinking tea that has expired.

“The shelf life of loose tea is no more than a year if it is stored in proper conditions. Shelf life in open containers is even shorter. And when we buy tea from an unknown seller, it is difficult to talk about its quality initially, ”the radio station’s website quoted him on Friday, August 7.

According to the expert, after the expiration date, an oxidative process takes place in leaf tea, vitamins are destroyed, and essential oils and aroma “evaporate”.

“Tea is getting low quality. It turns out that after a year of storage there remains a certain tea drink, but there is very little benefit from it, “Vikulov said.

He also warned that tea is very susceptible to odors, moisture and the presence of substances from a number of stored substances, therefore, when storing it, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the package.

The container should be ceramic or glass, it is advisable not to use metal. Tea can be stored in a cardboard box for several weeks. It is best to store loose leaf tea in a vacuum package, which increases the shelf life.

On July 27, specialists from Roskachestvo recommended not to abuse cold tea and coffee in the heat because of their calorie content.

So, a half-liter bottle of sweet chilled tea can contain 40-50 g of sugar, while its maximum daily dose, according to doctors’ recommendations, ranges from 25 to 50 g.

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