The number of clients of cosmetologists has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic

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In the months of the pandemic, the number of beauticians has skyrocketed. Experts in the field of the beauty industry told the experts about this.

According to them, more and more men and women want to look more attractive. As the chief physician and owner of the Kosmos clinic in St. Petersburg, Ilya Bendlin, said, his clients take care of their face both as a whole and the part visible above the mask.

“This is often subconsciously linked to the need to protect oneself from dismissal (layoffs), for example, in competition with younger employees. That is, the way you look, your face is an indicator of your success: to be successful, you need to look good, “RIA Novosti quotes him.

He added that when communicating online, only a person can show energy and youth.

Yulia Frangulova, co-owner and general director of the Linline network of clinics, shared her opinion that the growing popularity of botulinum toxin injections among clients of her clinics in various regions of Russia is largely due to the intention of patients to minimize the number of doctor visits.

“It is botulinum toxins that meet these criteria: a visit to a specialist takes 15-30 minutes, the patient receives a visible result of the correction of facial wrinkles, which lasts up to six months,” she stressed.

The number of such injections rose by 6% in her clinics during the pandemic. Frangulova plans to grow by 10% in 2021.

At the same time, against the background of the pandemic, not only is the demand for these injections growing, but the average age of patients is also decreasing, Bendleney said. According to the doctor, it is primarily associated with the improvement of technologies and changes in the quality characteristics of photo and video cameras on computers, tablets and phones, as a result, the smallest wrinkles from facial expressions are visible in photos and videos even in 23-year-old patients.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the demand for botox has increased in his clinic by 20-25% compared to last year. The number of patients has grown due to the expansion of the age range, he said. According to the expert, the trend will continue.

Naturalness, the doctor notes, is especially popular among male clients, who place maximum emphasis on it.

In August, a cosmetologist spoke about the peculiarities of aging skin of Russian women, and also gave advice on caring for it. According to the specialist, Russian women are characterized by a mixed type of skin aging.

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