Horoscope “day of four twos”: astro forecast for December 20

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The seventh lunar day is approaching, the Moon is in the sign of Pisces. According to the lunar calendar, this is one of the most favorable days of the month: intuition is sharpened and creative forces appear.

This Sunday, 12/20/2020, it is better to act leisurely – hasty actions and conclusions can lead you astray and lead you to a dead end. On this day, it will be easy to establish a variety of contacts, settle conflict situations that last for a long time.

According to bioenergy specialists, at this time it is worth more rest and health: in the first lunar phase, the body accumulates strength. Energy in business and personal life is still quite small.

Astrologers gave the main advice to the representatives of the zodiacal circle for this day.

Aries: It’s time to believe in yourself and take the first step towards something new.

calf: someone close to you needs your help, try to treat your family with understanding.

Twins: Try to keep the promises you made to yourself and others.

Crayfish: be more adventurous, assertiveness is more useful now than ever.

a lion: feel free to take your own and do not listen to the opinions of others.

Virgo: do not take on many tasks, concentrate on the main goal.

Libra: Communicate more with family and friends, they will help heal old wounds.

Scorpio: let your imagination run wild and don’t be constrained.

Sagittarius: free yourself from unnecessary connections and envious people.

Capricorn: look for advice in the lessons of the past, perhaps you are stepping on the same rake.

Aquarius: trust your feelings and believe in yourself.

Fish: the fulfillment of your dreams is closer than you think, it remains to push a little.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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