The most dangerous places in the forest for mushroom pickers named

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations told about the most dangerous places in the forest for those who like to pick mushrooms, as well as how to prepare for a hike for wild plants.

First of all, before the hike, you should inform your family and friends of the route of your trip. You should also look at the weather forecast, and if forecasters predict its deterioration, you should postpone the mushroom hunting trip.

It is imperative to take a charged smartphone so that, if necessary, it is possible to call rescuers. If the hike involves a difficult route, for example, rafting down the river, it is better to register a tourist group on the website of the Ministry of Emergencies.

The greatest danger in the forest is represented by swamps. Rescuers noted that it should be remembered that when moving through the swamp, forces are expended faster, while the movement speed is slow. Walking through the forest in the dark increases the risk of getting caught in a quagmire. Any swamp areas that are free of bushes and trees should be avoided.

“The places where you can feel how the soil is moving under your feet and where you can see diverging waves are very dangerous. Find a sturdy, lightweight, not very thick stick for insurance. It should be taller than you (two to three meters) and not break when hitting the ground. Move without haste, sticking to places with shrubs, trees, hummocks, “- writes” RIA Novosti “on Saturday, August 22.

Also, when hiking in the forest, you need to remember about ticks. For this, special anti-encephalitis suits should be used, and if they are not there, then light-colored clothes should be worn, since it is easier to notice ticks on it.

On August 19, it was reported that woody lycogals appeared on trees in the Moscow region – a very poisonous mushroom, the touch of spores of which can provoke a number of diseases. Biochemist Alexander Grishin, in an interview with Izvestia on August 20, told why you should not be afraid of this mushroom.

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