The Ministry of Transport recommended to dismiss the head of “Victory” for flying in support of Dziuba

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The Federal Air Transport Agency commission investigated the incident with the Pobeda airline plane, which changed its flight trajectory and drew a symbol of support for the Russian national football team player Artem Dzyuba following the radar.

The incident took place on November 11. The captain of the Pobeda airline passenger plane, flying from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, flew along a trajectory similar to a phallic symbol. After that, the Ministry of Transport launched an investigation.

“The reason for the aviation incident was the crew’s decision to deviate from the approved flight plan to perform unauthorized maneuvers not required to check the navigation system (as reported to the ATS units) horizontal maneuvers when performing a regular flight on 11.11.2020 with 102 passengers on board,” according to a report published on the Telegram channel Aviaincidents on Thursday, November 26.

In addition, during the investigation, facts were discovered that may indicate “intentional” actions of the airline’s management to include in the flight plan on November 10 “an off-route flight and misinformation of the ATS about the need to fly off the air routes (allegedly for training to drain fuel) along the trajectory similar to the flight trajectory performed on 11.11.2020 “.

The document notes that the actions of the pilots could affect the safety of the flight. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport accused the airline’s management of non-compliance with the flight safety policy and urged to consider the issue of the management’s compliance with the positions held.

On November 8, a video appeared on the Internet in which a man like Dziuba masturbates. The footballer, commenting on the situation on his Instagram, said that he is not ideal and makes mistakes, like all people.

On the same day, the coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov refused to call Dziuba for the next matches of the national team.

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