Snowless weather is expected in the Belgorod region on November 27

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During the day, the air temperature will reach +5 degrees

On the coming Friday, November 27, forecasters predict cloudy weather in Belgorod and the region. At night and during the day, the air temperature will remain positive. This information was conveyed by the press service of the regional department of the EMERCOM of Russia, referring to the forecast of the Belgorod Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

In the daytime it will be warm enough for November – the air will warm up to 5 degrees above zero. In the dark, the air temperature will also retain its positive value – the thermometer readings will fluctuate within 2-3 degrees with a “+” sign. Precipitation is not expected day or night.

The south-west wind will be stronger in the morning and in the afternoon – its speed will be 5-6 meters per second. By nightfall, it will weaken to 2 meters per second.

No dangerous meteorological events are expected in the region.

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