The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Novgorod received a new motorcycle “Harley”, and this is not a gift

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Two powerful motorcycles at once – Harley-Davidson and Honda – were received by a motorcycle group of a specialized fire and rescue unit in Veliky Novgorod. This was told in the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Novgorod Region.

It is reported that the American Harley has already passed the necessary registration procedures and has been retrofitted with the tools necessary to rescue people – for example, fire extinguishing equipment and unblocking victims from cars. It was transferred to a specialized fire and rescue unit a month ago, or rather, on July 9, when the region was simultaneously visited by the Deputy Ministers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Alexey Serko and Nikolay Grechushkin

However, expensive motorcycles are not a gift, but a working tool. A group of motorcyclists has existed as part of the SRSU of Veliky Novgorod since 2015. Motorcycles with special equipment are indispensable when, for example, traffic jams block the road to the accident site. And finally, eyewitnesses say, it’s just beautiful.

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