The main complaints of tourists at Russian resorts in the pandemic are named

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Vacationers at Russian resorts complain about the violation of the safe distance on the beaches, long lines, as well as the formal approach to wearing masks on the part of employees of cafes and hotels. On Sunday, August 9, Elena Sutormina, the initiator of the hotline and the first vice-president of the Russian Peace Foundation (RPF), spoke about this.

Such conclusions made it possible to draw data from the Security 2.0 center functioning at the foundation. For almost a month of operation of the hotline, the center received 352 calls and messages by e-mail, as well as through a special form on the website.

“Sixty-five percent of them are complaints that many vacationers do not maintain a safe distance in crowded places: on beaches, entertainment facilities. It was reported that there were long queues, for example, on the cable car in Krasnaya Polyana. At the same time, citizens do not wear masks, let alone gloves, “RIA Novosti quotes Sutormina.

She clarified that most of the requests come from tourists. who visited the southern regions of the country – Krasnodar Territory, Crimea.

Fewer complaints concern the operation of hotels and catering facilities. Tourists report that the staff does not follow the rules for wearing masks – the staff wears masks formally, without covering their mouth and nose. Several complaints related to the lack of sanitizers, disinfectants, and inadequate cleaning in the room.

Sutormina noted that 23% of those who applied required advice: which Russian regions can you go to this summer, whether you need to have a certificate of the absence of COVID-19, whether you will need to observe the self-isolation regime upon arrival. At the same time, five percent of citizens reported that travel agencies refuse to return funds for tours that have not yet taken place.

“It is clear that tour operators have suffered losses and now it is extremely difficult for them to return any funds. But situations when companies are trying to mislead consumers by claiming that they canceled the return of funds this year and that only a tour can be taken for tours is unacceptable. There are no such norms. On the side of citizens and the law on consumer protection, and the Civil Code. In an extreme case, if it is not possible to agree among themselves, there is a court, “- said the vice president of the fund.

According to Sutormina, several citizens complained about the procedure for refunding funds for air tickets, the rest complained about problems with the service: lack of towels, other necessary items, constant noise from neighbors, and sometimes rudeness from workers.

The expert also noted that about a dozen requests were received from parents who cannot send their children to rest in a children’s camp in other regions this year.

Survey data from June showed that during the quarantine period, tourists changed their approach to travel reservations, health insurance and the use of antiseptics on the road.

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