The killed wallpaper thief in Yekaterinburg was declared posthumously insane

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A resident of Yekaterinburg, Vladimir Taushankov, shot dead by the Rosgvardia on May 31 in his own apartment, was posthumously declared insane. The results of the posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination were reported to URA.RU by the lawyer of the deceased’s family, Alexei Bushmakov.

The lawyer said that two expert examinations were ordered, since two criminal cases were opened. A second examination was initiated after a police officer received a spray of pepper spray in the face from a 27-year-old man who was shot dead.

“I believe that she will also establish that at the time of this crime, he was also in a state of insanity. And the parents will again be offered to discontinue this criminal case, ”the lawyer commented. If Taushankov had survived, he would have been sent for compulsory treatment.

The parents of the deceased oppose the closure of the criminal case.

Rosgvardia officers said that they shot Taushankov, as he posed a threat to their life in his apartment. A URA.RU source previously reported that the victim was the first to open fire. It all started when a man stole four rolls of wallpaper and ran home with them.

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