Etiquette consultant named 10 bad gifts for men

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Etiquette and business protocol consultant Tatyana Nikolaeva on Monday, December 21, in a conversation with the website, told what gifts should not be given to men.

First of all, the specialist does not recommend giving a man things that he really needs in his daily life: socks, underwear. If you want to give something similar, then let the same socks be unusual. The expert recalled that such gifts are permissible only to a very close person.

In addition, it is not recommended to give a shaving kit to unfamiliar men, even if it is from some famous brand. You can give this to loved ones, but the gift should not be bought in a supermarket at a very favorable price. Better to give preference to a really good company.

You can give a tie to a loved one only if you know its taste. Such a gift, for example, to business partners would grossly violate the norms of etiquette. The butterfly is also banned.

The book is also an ambiguous gift. The specialist recommends making such a gift if the donor himself got acquainted with it or at least read dozens of reviews about the work. Meanwhile, there are universal options that suit almost everyone, especially business partners or colleagues: gift editions of classics or books on art. This is a great way to congratulate unfamiliar people with the New Year.

The list of unsuccessful gifts for unfamiliar men also includes parachute jumping, kayaking, ATV racing, because you can make a mistake with the choice. Also, do not transfer souvenirs or make gifts with gags, as this can offend a person. For example, it is definitely not worth giving a T-shirt with the inscription “Tsar” to unfamiliar people.

The etiquette consultant noted that handmade gifts can only be given if they are professional handmade, but for a man it will not be the best option either. In addition, you should refuse to buy a gift in which the donor does not understand.

“If you are an amateur, for example, in matters of fishing, and the man to whom you want to make a gift is well versed in it, it is better not even to try to please him. <…> There is a high probability that the gift that you planned to present to the person has long been in his possession, ”said Nikolaeva.

Cheap alcohol closes the top ten unsuccessful gifts for men. It is permissible to give a man strong alcohol, if his price category is average or above average. Gift wrapping is also required.

On December 20, it was reported that the Russians named the best gift for the New Year. According to a study by Russian Standard Bank, money will be the best gift for a holiday for most Russians.

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