The expert spoke about the fraud through the portal “Gosuslugi”

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Criminals use fake twin sites, phishing links in emails and calls to mobile phones for scams related to the Gosuslug portal. On Thursday, September 10, in an interview with the Prime agency, Alexander Rogozin, a consultant at the Information Security Center of Jet Infosystems, warned about this.

According to the expert, links to fake sites can appear in the form of advertisements on third-party sites, for example, during the period of self-isolation, scammers created sites where they published messages about payments to families with children, with the help of which bank card details were stolen

Rogozin named some of the criminals’ tricks that are worth paying attention to.

“Similar characters in the address can be replaced (for example, or If you have previously entered the portal in the next tab of the browser, then the transition to the official link to the site “Gosuslug” should not require re-authorization. Otherwise, it indicates that you are dealing with a fake page, ”the specialist noted.

In conclusion, he advised to independently go to the official website of the portal “Gosuslug”.

Earlier on September 9, the general director of Zecurion, Alexei Raevsky, said that the Russians, whose phone numbers fell into the scammers’ database, can be helped.

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