Case of the Saraktash priest sent to court

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Father Nikolai Stremsky, the former rector of the Holy Trinity Simeon Monastery in Saraktash, corrupted minors for 20 years. 11 adopted children suffered from the actions of the priest. This is the conclusion reached by employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Ex-abbot. accused of committing crimes provided for by five articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. This means that his actions in relation to adopted children were of a sexual nature. He tortured his charges, soldered them and performed improper educational duties.

When information about the transfer of the case to the court became available to the public, posts of support for Father Nikolai appeared on the monastery’s social network page.

“The investigation is diligently preparing for the trial, announcing openly about a“ proven crime ”. But there is a judgment of God, which cannot be deceived and you cannot stretch the “proofs” … “, writes one of the users.

Parishioners sincerely believe in the priest’s innocence and wish him patience.

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