The expert revealed the signs of the imminent “death” of the smartphone

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A swollen battery or strong heating of the device at rest is a sign of an imminent failure of a smartphone. It is better to take such a gadget to a service center or buy a new one, as the batteries can ignite. Olga Timofeeva, Chief Operating Officer of Gamesup42, spoke about this on Wednesday, September 9, in an interview with Prime agency.

Also, among the faults that indicate the old age of the device, the expert named stripes on the screen or long loading of applications.

“In the latter case, repair is possible: the service will reset the settings to the factory settings and try to download the applications again. If stripes appear on the screen, then you need to change the glass, but it is easier and in some cases even cheaper to sell such a device for spare parts and buy a new one, ”Timofeeva noted.

It’s time to change your smartphone and when unexpected reboots occur. Outages indicate a system crash that is nearly impossible to fix. Repair is hardly appropriate even if the touch screen has stopped responding to touch. According to the specialist, the need to charge the device several times a day also speaks of the high degree of wear and tear of the device. With such breakdowns, Timofeeva advises you to think about buying a new mobile device, since repairs will be very expensive and without any guarantee of long work.

On August 31, the general director of ANO Digital Platforms Arseny Shcheltsin told why the phone case can heat up. According to him, there are several reasons, some of which are even dangerous.

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