Vladimir Zyatkov survived in Siberian prisons and camps, but lost control of his own boat, ramming a barge moored near the coast at full speed, writes Life. In the evening twilight on September 9 in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, a collision of ships occurred on the small river Chernaya. The boat, without proper lighting, was returning at full speed to the pier. Steering thief in law Vladimir Zyatkov, who owned the ship, did not notice the barge and rammed it at high speed. Four people, including himself, died on the spot; doctors are now fighting for the lives of four more. The city’s deputy mayor Aleksey Zherdev even came to the scene of the terrible accident. Vladimir Zyatkov, known in criminal circles as Zyatek, used to be the overseer of Western Siberia. The lawyer himself hails from the Tyumen village of Ishim and was imprisoned four times in his life. For the first time he was on the bunk at nineteen. He was last convicted of murder in 1977 for twelve years. Previously, he was in the Arctic Circle in the famous “Polar Owl” prison, where murderers and terrorists are most often imprisoned for life. Here he was crowned, later through a connection he went out on parole. In his native Siberian region, the deceased ruled the local criminals until the age of sixty-six. According to the newspaper, Zyatek did not let the authorities of the Caucasian wing, promoting the primacy of the Slavic. His authority only gained strength until the death on a boat. The wife of the thief in law Tatiana got off in a terrible accident with a concussion and not life-threatening injuries. In the collision, according to Life, the owner of the Stroisnab trading house Victoria Sulimova and another business woman Natalya Bratyna were killed. The latter left her four-year-old son, who was also on the boat, an orphan. He sustained serious spinal injuries, a concussion, a fractured shoulder and a contusion to the abdomen. The identity of the fourth victim is still unknown.