The expert revealed a way to return the funds transferred to scammers

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In the event that you have become a victim of fraud when buying goods over the Internet, you should immediately contact the police. There is no point in asking the bank to cancel the transaction, said Alena Zelenovskaya, head of the criminal law practice of the Amuleks National Legal Service.

She explained that if the cardholder himself initiated the transaction, then the bank will not be able to do anything. The situation is similar if the fraudsters got hold of the card data.

The transaction itself is carried out only after confirmation by the client (SMS code). After that, the translation becomes final and irrevocable.

In addition, if there is a desire to return the money after a purchase that did not suit, then the issue should be resolved by refusing the product. According to the law, there are seven days for this.

If the paid product did not come or it turned out to be fake, then you can already contact the law enforcement officers.

Zelenovskaya advises to contact the police, also if it turned out that you transferred money to scammers.

“In your application, it is advisable to set out the circumstances in as much detail as possible: try to remember the names of the“ managers ”, take screenshots with outgoing phone numbers, recipient card details and reflect other important information,” Prime quotes her on October 4.

Success in the return of funds in the future will depend on the professionalism of law enforcement officers and the capture of criminals, the expert noted.

In September, experts told what methods scammers use to steal money through ATMs. For example, attackers can use both technical means (keyboard overlays, card readers) as well as social methods.

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