A new dangerous complication found in adult patients with COVID-19

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American scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a number of studies, during which they revealed a serious complication against the background of coronavirus infection.

Acute inflammatory syndrome MIS-A was recorded in adults with the new type of virus. It was previously seen in children and adolescents as a serious complication.

Symptoms of MIS-A include abdominal pain and arrhythmias. Moreover, MIS-A occurs in patients who do not suffer from acute respiratory infections.

The publication describes cases in the United States and Britain. Arrhythmia was found in 16 patients from 21 to 50 years old, 12 of them had fever, and only 8 of them had respiratory signs. 10 patients were admitted to intensive care, two of them died.

Scientists do not know if MIS-A syndrome is a manifestation of a severe form of coronavirus or is it a post-infectious process.

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