The doctor spoke about the life expectancy of vegetarians and meat eaters

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Some people cannot live without meat. Others cannot live with meat, considering a vegetarian diet to be healthier and more ethically justified. Who lives better and longer, said Inna Kononenko, candidate of medical sciences, nutritionist and nutritionist, on

According to the expert, today the degree of deterioration of the body is assessed by two criteria. One of them is the thickness of the vascular wall of the common carotid artery. The thicker the wall, the faster the person ages.

Vegetarians consume less cholesterol, so they have less cholesterol on average than most meat eaters. However, the latter can also regulate it if their food contains enough vitamins B12, D3, K2.

Another indicator is the work of mitochondria, the “power stations” of cells. And here vegetarians are already losing. As Inna Kononenko notes, the human body consists of proteins and works on proteins, therefore, for mitochondria to work, l-carnitine is needed, which is more convenient to obtain from meat products.

“Vegetarians don’t always immediately see the effects of a lack of protein. With age, of course, this will manifest itself more. Therefore, meat eaters live longer than vegetarians. But on condition that they observe proper nutrition “, – says Inna Kononenko.

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