The doctor spoke about meteosensitivity in patients with COVID-19

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Physician Natalya Zubareva said that in patients with coronavirus, chronic diseases may worsen with a sharp change in weather.

According to the specialist, against the background of meteorological conditions, some patients show cardiovascular pathologies, including heart attacks and strokes, as well as diseases of the pulmonary system and asthma.

Zubareva suggests looking for the reason for such phenomena in increased stress, since human nerve receptors react to changes in atmospheric pressure.

“The whole body adjusts to their signals and switches to functioning in a state of high alertness or stress. The more a person’s system is weakened due to illness, the greater the chance that, due to stress, it begins to malfunction. For example, after covid, the broncho-pulmonary system or the cardiovascular system is weakened, ”a doctor told Sputnik radio on Saturday, 23 January.

In this regard, controlling the level of stress will help reduce the impact of sudden changes in the weather on the body. In addition, by adapting the body to stress, a person improves the immune system and thereby reduces the risk of contracting seasonal SARS. Zubareva also advised taking vitamins, omega-3 acids and taking preventive measures.

The day before, the epidemiologist said that immunity after vaccination against COVID-19 is developed in a person no earlier than after 32-45 days, maximum – after 56 days.

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