The dispatcher of the EDDS was convicted of the death of a girl in the forest near Voronezh

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The duty officer of the Unified Dispatch Service was sentenced to two years of probation in a negligence case, which resulted in the death of a 16-year-old girl. This was announced on Wednesday, August 26, by the press service of the Gribanovsky District Court of the Voronezh Region.

According to the materials of the court, in early March last year, at about midnight, the person on duty through the 112 system received a phone call from a girl who gave him her data. She said in a confused voice that she was feeling bad and she was on the pontoon bridge. However, she could not describe her more precise location.

As RIA Novosti clarifies with reference to the data of investigators, the girl found herself in a forest near the floodplain of the Vorona River late in the evening after she ran away from her friends. The teenagers drank alcohol together, and after the girl ran away, they could not find her.

The dispatcher sent a call to the ambulance, the team of which could not find the girl at the indicated place. It was initially entered on the incident card that the medics had finished responding to the call. The information that the girl was not found was entered into the card later and the dispatcher did not know about it.

At the same time, calls from the number from which the girl called and from the same place continued to receive calls to EDDS through the emergency channel. There were seven of them and they continued to receive after the first call. Thus, as noted in the court, it was possible to determine the coordinates of the victim’s whereabouts.

“Calls ended in disconnection. At the same time, at one of the calls, the girl said: “please,” the press service emphasized.

The officer on duty, according to the case file, despite his official duties, did not take the necessary measures to save the girl, regarding the call as false. Information about the emergency was not transferred to the operational emergency services, and the data on the discovery of the teenager by the doctors were not verified by him.

“At the same time, with the necessary care and prudence, the operational duty officer of the EDDS, based on the totality of the information at his disposal, should and could have foreseen that a minor girl needs help and that her life is in danger,” the court said.

The actions of the dispatcher during the consideration of the case of the incident were regarded as negligent inaction, as a result of which the teenager died from hypothermia, as he was in an open area for a long time at low temperatures.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the dispatcher was deprived of the right to engage in professional activity for two years.

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