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What made the success of the French Bulldog is not his appearance with pointed ears, even if it contributed to it. But his amazing and extreme affection. The French Bulldog is so gentle and close to its master that finally this one ends up attaching itself. But beware, this attachment can become so deep that the bulldog would not end up being jealous of any other individual who would come into contact with his master. Worse, he could not bear to be left alone even for a few moments and would become possessive to the point of becoming aggressive. So, you have to be very careful with the French Bulldog and impose rules and limits on it from the beginning.

A loving being!

Cases of French Bulldogs becoming aggressive remain rare and this behaviour is exclusively related to the wrongful owners of their ignorance. Too willing to give them love they ended up making them aggressive and aggressive dogs. This is true for Bulldogs, but this same behaviour can be seen in all breeds of small and medium sizes. Their smallness gives them, in the eyes of their owner, an innocent baby look. However, this is not the case, because if today the breed is devoid of aggression, we must not forget that it was used to hunt bulls!

Although it is conceivable that this starts from a good feeling, for the well-being and future balance of the race the education of the French Bulldog must be firm and coherent from an early age. A little authority will not prevent him from remaining brimming with love for his master and his whole family. Moreover, we must not neglect socialization and above all teach it as quickly as possible to manage loneliness without anxiety and without destruction.

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The French Bulldog because of its small size and character adapts to any lifestyle. Thus, it will delight the homeowners but also those who live in apartments. Indeed, the French Bulldog is a discreet and quiet dog. He is not the type to bark after a “fly farting” and it must be said that it is rather pleasant for people who live in apartments with a thin partitions or in houses close to the neighborhood. A dog that spends its time barking often leads to complications afterward, even if you will know why the barking of small dogs is better tolerated than those of the big ones!

If you’re more of a slippery type, no problem, the French Bulldog will bask quietly on his mattress. He is not an exercise applicant although a minimum is still required. Conversely, if you like to go running or walking, you will probably see the little ball that will follow you willingly.

With children, well-educated and well socialized, the French Bulldog will not be a problem. On the contrary, it is a dog that likes to have fun and there will be no need to beg him to see him run behind a ball.

A living dog!

The French Bulldog also has terrier blood, and who says terrier says live! And yes, the French Bulldog is a little clown, always doing the 400 moves! He is alive, cheerful, dynamic and would do anything to make his master laugh.

Be careful, however, to follow basic rules. If it fits perfectly with people who are not very active, it will need a minimum of walking to be able to maintain its natural musculature. On the other hand, for people who are still active, it will take time to wait until it is finished growing before imposing intense exercises on it – both on the effort and on the duration. Moreover, the Bulldog having an upturned nose, it is good to leave out the games too violent or to see him suffer from destructive respiratory disorder. The same goes for activities in full sun.

A dog that is not afraid of anything

The French Bulldog despite its small size is not afraid of anything. It even seems that he is aware of his musculature and will not hesitate to use it if we look for him. No matter how big the beast is in front of him, whether it’s a Chihuahua or Mastiff, he won’t be impressed.

Meetings with other dogs can be tricky if they refuse to submit. Our Bulldog is rather the kind to have a strong temperament and even if he is generous and tolerant he will not hesitate to rush head down if another tries to encroach on his territory.

It is also for these reasons that it is preferable that in a pack of dogs the French Bulldog is the second arrival.

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