Paraguay applied for registration of Sputnik V vaccine

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The Guayakí laboratory in Paraguay has applied for the registration of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. This was announced by the head of the department Maria Antonieta Gamarra radio station Radio 1000 on Friday, January 8.

According to him, the national sanitary inspection demanded additional documents and information to approve the request.

“I have absolutely nothing against the Guayakí laboratory, it’s not about the company or the quality of the Russian vaccine, it’s just about the documentary support we need to issue the registration,” Gamarra said.

She noted that there is a difference between a full authorization to use a vaccine and an emergency use procedure. She noted that “all countries that have introduced the Russian vaccine have done so under a permit for emergency use.”

Earlier on Friday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that in the near future, the country could purchase the Russian vaccine for COVID-19. Also, he said, Mexico City could purchase the Chinese vaccine for this infection. The politician added that everything will depend on whether what drug will be available.

Mexico became interested in the Russian vaccine back in August 2020.

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