The Chamber of Notaries told about the demand for archival documents

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For eight months of 2020, more than 34 thousand people turned to Russian notaries for archival documents. This was announced on Monday, September 7, by the Federal Notary Chamber.

According to the organization, the demand for documents from notarial archives is traditionally high. So, in 2019, citizens and legal entities requested duplicates of archival documents 65,385 times, and in January-August 2020, 34,323 were issued.

People often need to prove their rights to real estate and land. So, if a person entered into an inheritance de facto, and not de jure, then many years later, for example, during a divorce and division of property, it may be necessary to confirm the right to own property. The necessary papers can be found at the notaries who have archives of documents that are not in the BTI or in the archives of other departments.

Documents on transactions, including those with real estate, as well as, for example, marriage contracts and inheritance deeds, do not have a limitation period – they must remain in the notarial archives indefinitely. It will be possible to find them even if the notary keeping the archive resigns. In this case, his archive is transferred for safekeeping to the acting notary.

The archives are kept entirely at the expense of the notary. However, a bill has already been developed that improves this procedure, providing, in particular, for the formation and maintenance of archives by notary chambers instead of separate notaries, but still at the expense of the notary itself, without costs from the state.

With the beginning of the work of the Unified Information System (UIS) of notaries created by the Federal Notary Chamber in 2014, the formation of a common digital archive of notarial documents began – all notarial actions are entered into the Unified Information System. Thus, even if the paper version of the document is forged by fraudsters, thanks to the EIS of the notary, this will be instantly revealed.

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