A list of Russians and Ukrainians with Cypriot “golden passports” has been published

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The Cypriot newspaper Politis has published a list of Russians and Ukrainians who, in the period from 2008 to 2012, received the so-called golden passports of Cyprus, which in fact means the citizenship of the republic by investment.

Since 2008, 141 citizens of other states have received such a passport.

This list includes 34 Russians: member of the board of the state corporation VEB.RF Mikhail Kuzovlev; Igor Shatalov, Member of the Board of Directors of Belgazprombank and First Deputy Head of the Financial and Economic Department of Gazprom; Alexey Ushamirsky, top manager of the VID group of companies; Deputy Chairmen of the Management Board of Gazprombank Alexey Matveev and Alexander Muranov; businessman Yan Abramov; the owner of the “Spar” retail chain Anton Belobragin; co-owner of the Sintez group Leonid Lebedev; General Director of BFA-Development and the widow of the former owner of Uralsib Bank Lyudmila Kogan and her late husband; Igor Makarov, President of the Areti international group of companies; Tatyana Korsakova, founder of the Dobroserdie charitable foundation; Evraz President Alexander Frolov; owner of the group of companies “Mercury” Igor Kesaev; owner of the ESNG group of companiesregory Berezkin and financier Vladimir Stolyarenko.

Among the most famous Ukrainians who have received Cypriot citizenship are billionaire Igor Kolomoisky and former secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and co-owner of the Industrial Union of Donbass corporation Vitaliy Gaiduk.

Earlier it became known that Turkey decided to transfer armored vehicles to the border with Greece. This comes amid growing tensions between Ankara and Athens. Prior to that, it was reported that Turkey and the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will hold joint military exercises on September 6-10. They are called “Mediterranean Storm”. The exercises will take place in Northern Cyprus. They will involve the Air Force, Navy, as well as the ground forces of Turkey.

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