The bride spoke about the explosion in Beirut during the shooting of the wedding video

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Israa Seblani’s bride, who caught the explosion in Beirut while filming a wedding video, spoke about her experiences after the incident.

According to the girl, at first they noticed strong smoke in the sky, but they did not assume that it could be an explosion. A few seconds later they were “hit by a wave”, after which the place, which seemed beautiful, turned into a “ghost town”.

“There was dust all around, broken glass, people were shouting and bleeding. Everything was like a nightmare, ”she said in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel, published on Thursday, August 6.

Seblani specially came from the USA to get married. She had been preparing for this day for three weeks.

“The moment I heard the explosion, my whole life flew by before my eyes. I thought that I would lose everything, lose everything that I was waiting for, within a few seconds. I will lose my life, my husband, our dreams, all our plans after the wedding, ”she said.

Seblani also added that she will remember this day and tell her future children about it.

The explosion occurred on August 4 in the area of ​​the seaport of the Lebanese capital. The facades of several buildings located in the immediate vicinity of the site of the emergency collapsed, houses and offices were damaged.

As a result of the incident, about 300 thousand people were left homeless.

According to Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the explosion was caused by improper storage of ammonium nitrate weighing 2,750 tons in a warehouse in the port.

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