Sadalsky stated the “death” of the Sovremennik theater with the departure of Volchek

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Actor Stanislav Sadalsky noted that for him the Sovremennik Theater, in its former form, “died” after the death of its artistic director Galina Volchek. He spoke about this during an interview with the portal.

“I don’t know what the new theater will be like – it may be better, and perhaps even worse,” the artist says. According to him, a theater, like a person, is born, lives and dies. Sadalsky believes that at the moment there is no leader in this theater who could compare with Volchek. This became the cause of scandals within Sovremennik, which provoked the departure of many artists from it, the actor added.

The scandal in Sovremennik occurred in connection with an open letter in which the actor Sergei Garmash announced his resignation from the theater due to disagreement with the new leadership.

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