The Bank of Russia told about the availability of financial services for Yaroslavl residents

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To assess the availability of financial services for the population of the Yaroslavl Region, the regional branch of the Bank of Russia, together with the Yaroslavl branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, developed so-called “heat maps” of the availability of financial services.

They take into account the presence in various districts of the region of offices of banks and microfinance organizations, as well as an ATM and terminal network. The analysis showed that the level of accessibility of basic financial services for the population of 5 districts of the region – Breitovsky, Bolsheselsky, Borisoglebsky, Pervomaisky and Lyubimsky is lower than in other territories of the region.

Meanwhile, in the Yaroslavl region, new formats of banking services are being developed. According to the monitoring data of the Bank of Russia of the state of financial availability in 2019, the number of post offices, where certain banking operations are carried out, increased almost 2.4 times. At the beginning of this year, there were 380 of them. Over the previous year, 42 cash-out points appeared in the region, allowing the cardholder to withdraw cash from his account at the store’s checkout.

The dynamic development of the infrastructure for accepting payment cards in trade and service organizations of the region continues: the number of POS terminals increased by 10% and approached 27 thousand units. The number of ATMs increased to almost 2 thousand units, which is 17% more than a year earlier.

“Today we can talk about a significant expansion of remote banking instruments and services,” says Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl branch of the Bank of Russia. – Among them – the System of fast payments based on a mobile phone, the development of opportunities for the provision of banking and insurance services on the State Services portal and others. The Bank of Russia strives to ensure that every resident of the region has full access to a basic set of financial services. “

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