The authorities of St. Petersburg have requested information about the whereabouts of the child of rapper Cartwright

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The authorities of St. Petersburg asked the Investigative Committee of Russia (RF IC) for information about the whereabouts of the child of the dismembered rapper Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko). This was announced on July 30 by the deputy head of the local administration of the municipal formation of Smolninskoe Vladimir Korolev.

“According to our information, the child is with relatives, but we do not know the exact whereabouts of the child,” TASS said.

Earlier it was reported that the child was seized by the guardianship authorities, but Korolev denied this information. He also added that a response to the request has not been received at the moment. When the relevant information appears, specialists will assess the conditions in which the child lives, after which a decision will be made on his future fate: either he will be left with his relatives, or he will be transferred to the child’s home.

The press service of the children’s ombudsman for St. Petersburg, Anna Mityanina, said that the child remains with her maternal grandmother.

The dismembered body of Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) was found on July 29. His common-law wife Marina Kuhal said that he died of a drug overdose four days earlier. According to her, she decided to dismember the body and get rid of the fragments in order to hide his “inglorious” death from fans. At the same time, the last appearance of the rapper online on the VKontakte page was recorded on July 27. Perhaps his partner came to the Network to maintain the “legend”.

The next day, a Izvestia source said that the version of death due to drug overdose was most likely incorrect. The experts took the musician’s hair and deep tissues for analysis. It is already known that ethanol is found in the body. Most likely, he was the cause of death.

On the same day, Kuhal announced that she agreed to undergo a lie detector test to prove that she was not involved in his death.

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