In Tula, a number of streets on Kosaya Gora will become one-way

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On August 12, in Tula, traffic will change in the village of Kosaya Gora and in Zarechye.

On the street Dronova Kosaya Gora village on the site from the street. Komsomolskaya to st. 3rd Gorkovsky proezd will be organized one-way traffic. The 3rd Gorkovsky passage on the section from the street will also become one-way. Dronova to st. Gagarin.

On Demidovskaya street on the site from the street. Lunacharsky to st. Arms Lane on the even side from August 12, 2020, the stop and parking of vehicles will be limited.

Information about the changes was published today on the website of the Tula city administration.

It is added that these changes are needed to eliminate conflict points between road users and increase the capacity of the road network.

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