The assistant to the President of Abkhazia who rammed the border checkpoint with the Russian Federation explained

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Akhra Avidzba, aide to the President of Abkhazia, spoke about what happened at the Russian border checkpoint. According to him, he was not allowed to enter Abkhazia for five hours, and in the end, he decided to “just go.”

He clarified that the car had already been inspected. And one of the border guards allegedly behaved provocatively. Others, he said, “could not understand the behavior of their boss.”

According to Avidzba, he had problems at the Russian border checkpoint before. He stressed that he was registered in Sochi, and five cars were registered for him, “so taxes come.” Nevertheless, he said that if he had “even a billion in debt,” his diplomatic passport would not allow him to be stopped. For this, border guards must write a notification to the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry, he says.

Earlier, eyewitnesses posted on the social network a video of the incident that occurred at the border crossing between Russia and Abkhazia in Adler. An SUV with completely tinted windows and Dagestan license plates ignored the border guards’ orders to stop. He accelerated and brought out the gates of the border crossing, after which he rushed off to Abkhazia. It was Akhra Avidzba, Assistant to the President of Abkhazia for International Relations.

Aide to the President of Abkhazia rammed the gate on the border with Russia

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