Teacher accused of spraying students with disinfectant

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A Florida high school teacher was arrested on Wednesday for spraying her students for not wearing their masks properly.

Police officers arrested Christina Reszetar at Largo High School and she was charged with child abuse, reports the New York Post.

According to information from Post, the woman who teaches mathematics to students in difficulty defended having done so since four students refused to wear their masks properly.

The 51-year-old woman is suspected of having pointed the spray of disinfectant in the direction of “their face and body”, according to the police report obtained.

Reszetar, who has taught for 21 years, spent the night behind bars before appearing before a judge on Thursday.

The judge released her on bail, arguing that the lady had no criminal record.

Christina Reszetar is convinced that the surveillance video was going to be enough to exonerate her, she told the media.

The video was not made public by the Largo Police Department.

“I think I can justly qualify this as a greatly misguided attempt at discipline,” said the judge.

The woman is currently employed by the Pinellas County School District, but it is not known when and if she will return to her post.

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