Awesome Tattoo Drawings: Be More Glitzy With Your Unique Tattoo

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Awesome Tattoo Drawings: Be More Stylish With Your Unique Tattoo

Tattoo drawings are an up-and-coming way to make a living as an artist. It is because tattoos are finally gaining major status. They have been around for centuries in many cultures. Today, they are becoming widely accepted as a form of self-expression.

As they gain popularity, the type of art seen in tattoos is also changing. What was once used as a poorly engraved stencil on the sailor’s arms is now a highly sophisticated work of art. But of course, always be considerate of a few things before deciding on your tattoo or you might regret it later and further decide on lightening a tattoo or removal of them after all.

tattoo drawings

There are tattoo artists out there even doing photorealistic tattoos!

Some excellent tattoo drawings include classic photos as well as new-age trends.

Sailor Jerry / American Traditional Tattoos

Sailor Jerry is, well, a sailor called Jerry with tattoos. He was named Norman Keith Collins, and he is one of the ancestors of modern tattoos.

The style of tattooing Sailor Jerry made is now aptly called “American Traditional.”

Traditional American tattoos characterized by bright colors, bold lines, and a relatively unique set of images. Swallows, snakes, dice, anchors, and nautical ones fall into this category.

Practicing Sailor Jerry’s designs is a great place to start making your excellent tattoo drawings. One of the keys is to keep the lines crisp and straightforward without being minimalist. By the way, if you’re looking for a tattoo artist who will implement your ideas in life, visit Ink-Match, an online platform for booking tattoo artists.

Script Tattoos

I’m sure many people have seen someone else (or maybe have one themselves!) With a tattoo script.

Script tattoos sound like – they’re perfect pieces of writing. It’s a great way to commemorate a loved one, keep a favorite poem or song lyric near you, or show religious verse.

Script tattoos are very popular with tattoo clients and popular with tattoo artists.

You have to correct the spelling, you can’t miss a line, and any deviation from the stencil shows up as a red flag. It makes practicing some excellent script tattoo drawings a great activity! It challenges you to recreate your stencil. Or, if you are creative, design templates for an alphabet of the original script letters. The script is usually a flowing style with many contiguous lines and curlicues. It makes for gorgeous tattoos and tricky 3d drawing.

Photorealistic Tattoos

As tattoo machine technology and tattoo pigment formulas advance, people are getting more aggressive with what they can do with tattoos. Artists like Kat Von D are famous for making photorealistic portrait tattoos.

While making a full portrait is not necessarily something you want to do in your free time, you can take the steps a tattoo artist takes in prep for a photorealistic tattoo.

This process involves meticulously drafting facial features so that they have a guide when they make the tattoo. In things like Sailor Jerry tattoos, the plot is pretty straightforward. In these beautiful photorealistic portrait tattoo drawings, however, the outline shows the main features of the face and the shadows and contours.

Tattoos: Finally Recognized as Art

Back in the days of Sailor Jerry, tattoos pretty much didn’t start. Time has turned to these expressive, superb art forms.

Does the mainstream art community oppose tattoos that are considered “art” Are tattoos something that strikes your mind?