A Handy Guide to Living in Fujairah

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The second smallest emirate in the UAE in terms of area, Fujairah occupies a strategic location along the Wadi Ham, an important trade route in the Gulf region. It houses Al Bidyah, the oldest mosque in the country, and several other notable landmarks as well.

Fujairah is the only emirate out of all seven that is covered with mostly mountains. The rest of covered by deserts mostly. It offers a rather quiet and serene lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that the residents are deprived of city amenities and facilities. It packs in all.

Earlier, most people were involved with agriculture and fishing in this emirate. However, now, thanks to the Port of Fujairah (world’s 2nd most important bunkering port), things have changed up to a great extent. Numerous international shipping companies have set up their offices here, creating more opportunities for residents.

Here’s your ultimate guide if you’re planning to move to Fujairah:


Many people are surprised by the quality and size of living spaces in this emirate. They are spacious and offer a quality lifestyle.

Therefore, you can choose from an apartment or villa for sale in Fujairah. These living spaces are available in different configurations. Offers for rental living spaces are also available. Apartment buildings are mostly new and come with advanced features and amenities. More developments are underway here since the emirate has been welcoming ex-pats in increasing numbers in the last few years.

Property prices here tend to be more affordable as compared to other emirates.


The climate all over the UAE tends to be warm. However, Fujairah residents can get relief from the heat waves as this emirate receives more rainfall on average in the entire country. Furthermore, the weather between December and March remains rather pleasant, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

Getting Around

A vast network of roads and modern highways have made it easier for residents to travel around in Fujairah. They can access surrounding areas, such as Khor Fakkan, Khor Kalba, Masafi and Kalba, quite conveniently.

Travel buses are not available for commuters but for schools, colleges and selective companies. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the public transport system hasn’t been fully developed. Having said that, metered taxis readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Education and Healthcare

You can find many schools and educational centres in Fujairah offering quality education to pupils in various international curriculums. Our Own English School happens to be the most popular out of them. Other popular education centres in this emirate are:

  • St. Mary’s Catholic High School
  • Fujairah Private Academy
  • Fujairah Montessori Nursery
  • Super Baby Nursery

When it comes to healthcare facilities, the emirate isn’t far behind as compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You will find some of the top-notch medical facilities here. Thumbay Hospital Fujairah and Al Sharq Hospital are the most popular among them.

It is important to note that locals get treated free in government facilities. Whereas foreigners have to bear the medical fees.

Shopping Malls

Firstly, there are two major shopping centres located in this emirate; Fujairah City Centre and Century Mall. The former nestles in itself various local and international retail stores offering products in diverse categories, including fashion, homewares, lifestyle, electronics, etc. It also has a Carrefour hypermarket, a multi-screen cinema, a family entertainment centre and eateries. The latter is planned to have over 130 retail shops along with entertainment zones, supermarkets, coffee shops, food courts, departmental stores and food courts.

Leisure Opportunities

Although it’s a small emirate, there’s still a lot to do and places to visit in Fujairah. Therefore, Families, couples and singletons; everyone can find entertainment options here.

Some of the places to visit in Fujairah are:

  • Fujairah Museum
  • Bithnah Fort
  • Fujairah Fort
  • Fujairah Heritage Village
  • Khor Kalba
  • Al Bidya Mosque
  • Fujairah Terry Fox Run

Final Thoughts

In all, Fujairah can prove to be the right place for you to live if you are looking for a home away from the city’s chaotic lifestyle. However, in case you’re used to enjoying the vibrant city lifestyle. It may take some time for you to adjust to this emirate. The facilities and amenities available here may not match the ones available in more developed emirates. They, however, are still enough for living an upscale lifestyle. You can buy or rent a villa in Fujairah and live a lavish lifestyle. This is something not possible for an average salaried person in Dubai.