Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science told about cancellation of lessons due to frost

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The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan told in what frost the lessons in schools can be canceled, the press service of the ministry told Tatar-inform news agency.

Lessons may be canceled in the primary grades of rural schools at a temperature of -23 degrees, and in urban schools – for students in grades 1-4 – at 25 degrees below zero.

For students in grades 5-9 in rural schools, it is recommended to cancel classes at -25 degrees, and in the same classes of urban schools, the cancellation is recommended at -27 degrees. Also, lessons can be canceled in 10th and 11th grades of rural schools at 30 degrees below zero, and in urban schools – at 32 degrees below zero.

The ministry recommends not transporting children by school buses and not taking them outside municipalities at air temperatures of -25 degrees and below. Cancellations due to frost are reported to all municipalities. Low temperatures will last for about three days in Tatarstan.

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