Stroller Wagons Collection By WonderFold: A Stroller Wagon Review

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Whether you’ve got a six months baby or a five years old kid, there is nothing more suitable than a stroller wagon. Stroller wagon? What is it? If you don’t know that already, we’re not surprised many other parents are unaware of the stroller wagons, and we can’t blame them. It’s a comparatively new concept in the kids essential market. 

What is a Stroller Wagon?

A stroller wagon is basically a combination of a stroller and a wagon. It consists of padding, seat belts, and many other advanced features that make all the outdoor rides joyful for the baby and very convenient for the parents. So, if you’re thinking of getting one for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. In the following articles, we’re going to review the Wonderfold stroller wagon. So, make sure to read it till the end.

What is WonderFold

WonderFold is a US-based company that makes stroller wagons. They offer a different model of stroller wagons and cool accessories as well. There are X and W series models. X series stroller wagons can accommodate 2 or 4 kids with pull & pull option. However, the W series has only a push option.

W4 is designed to accommodate four kids, W2 can accommodate two kids only. The common thing in both models is they have elevated seats that provide extra storage below the seats. There are different weight capacities of each model. The W1 model can hold up to 180lbs. Many functions are the same in all Wonderfold stroller wagons.

Price of WonderFold Stroller Wagon:

There are different prices for every model. But, on average, you can find the most budget-friendly wagons starting from $200 and going up to $899 for superior models with more features. 

Features of WonderFold Stroller Wagons:

As mentioned above, the Stroller wagons are equipped with several advanced features; however, some model features may differ from the other one. Some of the common features in all stroller wagons from WonderFold include:


  • Easy Folding: 


All models of wonderfold stroller wagons have one-step folding and unfolding options. That simply means you don’t have to struggle a lot as a typical stroller requires infolding. The company has made the process very easy to improve the experience of the parent. Also, it helps a lot when you’re traveling with kids. You can fold the stroller and put it back on the car’s trunk while checking in the hotel room with just one step. 


  • Five-Point Harness Safety:


The company went out of its way to maximize the safety of the kids. For example, you get 5-point harness safety for the passengers that make sure your kids stay stable even when you’re riding the wagon on bumpy or uneven roads. These features make the WonderFold wagons stand out in many online reviews and make it the no.1 choice of parents due to its safety features. 



  • UPF Rated Canopy: 


All Wonderfold stroller wagons are equipped with an adjustable and removable canopy. And if the weather is pleasant, you don’t want the canopy; you can simply remove it quickly. There are four poles on the canopy. You can fold and keep it in the side pocket near the handlebar. In addition, the fabric is UPF rated, which means during the sunny days, it saves the kids from all the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. 


  • Push & Pull Handles:


All the stroller wagons have push features. There is an adjustable push handle that anyone can easily hold, from a walking kid to a tall parent. However, the X series has a telescopic pull handle with spring bounce technology that makes the pulling very easy and minimizes the compartment movement while moving. 


  • 1-Step Foot Brake:


As the stroller wagons are durable and designed to move on beaches, roads, and everywhere, the braking system had to be effective. All the Wonderfold stroller wagons have one step foot brake system that makes breaking very easy. So, without much power, any parent can use it to stop the wagon. 


  • Huge Storage Capacity: 


Stroller wagons are equipped with many pockets enough to keep everything you need while traveling. There is a large pocket right under the handlebar, then a few side pockets, and at the front as well. X Models even have a wide storage compartment under the handlebar. So, you don’t have to worry about going out to space or life extra bags whenever going out with the kids.


  • Accessories: 


Those features were enough, but the company wanted maximum convenience for the parents. So, you can find a wide range of accessories on their website that are compatible with the stroller. Like a separate snack tray, a cup holder, an insulated cooler bag, and the most amazing accessory is an all-weather cover that can cover the wagon and save the passenger from rain and keep them warm during winters. 

The Assembly: 

The assembly of Wonderfold stroller wagons is very minimalist and doesn’t require any technical skills. Thanks to the company, they tried to make it as simple as it could be. However, it comes with the instruction manual and hex tool that you’ll need to assemble it.

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