Best iPads games for 8 years kids

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iPad games, you may be sad to hear, are not as good as they used to be.There are plenty of spectacular games on iOS – but they’re not as easy to get as they used to be and are often overpriced for their quality.

And if you’re looking for something to keep the little ones entertained for a rainy weekend, here are a few Apple iPad games you can buy today for a limited-time price.

Games can be bought from the iTunes Store and Apple’s own App Store, though remember to keep a record of where you get the games as there’s no rhyme or reason to price differences.

Overall: a good £11 for each game

Agenda from Grandview

In the style of Swindle, Agenda is a two-player, time-travel adventure game in which you have to try and complete as many levels as possible. You can move around, you can use various cards to access special abilities, but you can also die, so it’s a challenge to move around, sneak past enemies and collect as much gold as possible.

Lots of levels, lots of playtime

Impressive number of events on each level

In-app purchases to help you buy extra cards

Grandview’s iOS game Agenda is available in the App Store, and costs £11.99, so if you buy it for your kids, you can get them to sign up and it’ll keep them entertained for a little while.
Further, Android user will get iPad View On video Games Like PUBG. Which is the Most popular game today.

Agenda from Hidden Tales

This visually stunning game is one of those games you need to see to believe, as it’s set in a beautiful world with detailed graphics and some impressive effects.

The game is simple, and there are plenty of missions, but the pacing is good and there are plenty of humorous moments.

  • Only really suited to older children
  • Some fairly easy to understand missions
  • Decent number of levels
  • Not as good as it’s good looks

Hidden Tales’ iPad game Agenda is available on the App Store, and costs £6.99.

There are ten stages in total, but only a couple of them will take more than a few minutes to complete. You get a majority of the game for free, but there are in-app purchases to help you buy new missions and increase your progress.

Agenda from Human Element

This game is a sequel to Human Element: The Awakening. It’s got a similar look to the original, with a somewhat retro-style colour palette and sci-fi inspired sci-fi story.

There are eight missions in total, but again they’re fairly short, so it’s not too much of a time commitment. You’ll also get all the ending cinematics from The Awakening for free, but you’ll have to spend £6.99 to buy the whole game.

Agenda from Talismanic

It’s not quite a sequel to Talismanic – it has the same look and concept, but this game has a sci-fi theme that’s slightly less appealing. It’s a simple game with around five missions, but it’s not a bad price, especially considering how short and how easy it is.

  • It’s free to play with in-app purchases
  • You can buy up to four missions
  • Plays like a straight arcade game

This game is pretty easy. There are no stories to follow, there are no major twists and turns, you just go and play the game and hopefully survive the end-level bosses. It plays like a straight arcade game, with some very fast-paced action, though it’s not one for younger players as it can get pretty tough.

By default, there’s a power-up in the game, but you can buy extra power-ups at the in-game shop for a small amount of coins. The power-up is simply a faster weapon, which doesn’t make a huge difference, but it’s still a nice touch., Furthermore a powerful internet needs every one for online work or online Games. I prefer Unlock jazz 4G device is best Choice over all.

  • Impressive graphics and decent amount of in-app purchases
  • Pocket-sized game and easy to carry around
  • Fantastic soundtrack from which to choose
  • Some very bossy and occasionally difficult bosses

In all seriousness, this is one of the best looking iPad games available, and for what you pay, it’s well worth it. The graphics are quite eye-catching, with animations that feel like you’re controlling a living organism, as well as a fantastic soundtrack that really lifts the game, though it can be fairly challenging, especially for kids.