St. Petersburg resident legalized drug income in Karelia with the help of crypto-volatile

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In Karelia, the police revealed the fact of the legalization of large sums of money received from the illegal sale of drugs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic reported.

So, in February of this year, law enforcement agencies in our region stopped the activities of an organized criminal community. According to the investigation, its participants were involved in the supply of drugs to the Northwestern Federal District. The system of bookmarks helped to sell the goods. 11 criminals were involved in illegal activities, more than 80 facts of drug trafficking were identified. Criminal cases were initiated. However, this is not all.

Further investigation of the criminal case helped to reveal other interesting circumstances. Law enforcement officials found out that the alleged organizer of the community, a resident of St. Petersburg born in 1985, was laundering money using crypto volutes. Thus, the attacker managed to sell more than 2.9 million rubles.

Another criminal case was initiated. The defendant is in custody for a crime that the man committed earlier.

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