St. Bartholomew’s Day: what absolutely must not be done on September 7

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On September 7, the Orthodox Church commemorates the apostle of 70 – Titus.

Interestingly, Titus initially worshiped pagan gods, but believed in the Savior and his teachings. Titus was a disciple of the Apostle Paul, served as a bishop in Crete. He also accompanied the apostles Barnabas and Paul to the Jerusalem gathering. Titus witnessed the suffering and death of Christ, saw his miraculous Resurrection and Ascension to Heaven.

In addition, the transfer of the relics of Bartholomew, one of the twelve apostles, falls on the seventh day of September. The church celebrates this day. The Apostle Bartholomew, together with the Apostle Philip, preached the Gospel in Syria and Asia Minor.

September 7 is considered successful for making purchase and sale transactions and simply for going to the store for shopping. At the same time, on this day, you should not be engaged in building a house or repairing work. Our ancestors believed that such a house would not stand for a long time, and repairs would have to be redone.

There is a belief that if you wash your face in running water on Titus early in the morning, then the whole next year will be vigorous and successful. In addition, our ancestors believed that Titus helps the “quiet hunt” and went to the forest to pick mushrooms. However, children are strictly forbidden to go to the forest today.

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