Spreading subordinates became the main fun of Saratov officials

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After several weeks in a row the local servants of the people tried to stir up the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Governor Valery Radaev and the chairman of the regional government Alexander Strelyukhin took up similar actions. The latter criticized the work of his subordinates and reminded them of their personal responsibility for the execution of national projects and state programs.

– Our task is to ensure the participation of the Saratov region in the maximum number of state programs and federal projects, therefore, applications to the federal center must be formed in a timely manner, – he noted at a meeting of the regional government.

According to Strelyukhin, untimely preparation of documents this year may entail risks of non-implementation of the program to provide living quarters for orphans.

– It cannot be called otherwise than negligence. This year, the funds provided must be used in full, and the citizens must get housing! – said Strelyukhin.

The head of the region was angry about the same topic.

– An analysis of the program for providing housing for orphans, which was in place in the past and this year, has, admittedly, revealed the weak points of its implementation. The main conclusion: the available resources and opportunities were not used as efficiently as possible, – said Radaev.

According to the governor, one of the problems is related to the cost per square meter of housing. However, the analysis showed that in the housing construction market, in particular, in the category of standard housing, there is practically a monopoly of one construction company.

– And this is reflected in the pace of construction – they are extremely low, as well as in the volume and quality, – said the governor. – We need a market so that builders have an interest, including in public investments. We need competition, – Valery Radaev is convinced.

Valery Vasilyevich also scolded the district heads, who have not yet submitted documents for compensation for damage from natural disasters.

– The heads of districts were tasked with submitting all papers for compensation as soon as possible. But the situation with the restoration of damaged structures was critically delayed. District hospitals in St. Petersburg and Marksovsky districts remain open. Only four districts – Balakovskiy, Krasnokutskiy, Bazarnokarabulakskiy and Marksovskiy, partially provided documents, – said Radaev.

In addition, the head of the region did not like how the reconstruction of cultural objects is being carried out in Saratov. For example, in the circus, finishing work continues, preparations for painting the walls, and ventilation.

– Insufficient control. Nothing has been done in the arena, part of the finishing material has not arrived, and finishing work has not begun. Speed ​​up, deal with the object responsibly, – demanded Valery Radaev.

Despite the fact that the governor every time threatens with organizational conclusions, the subordinates simply do not pay attention to this, since there has not yet been a case that after catching up with Radaev, someone lost his position. Well, if so, let him speak …

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 32 of August 5, 2020

Newspaper headline:
Radaev criticizes, but they are not afraid of him

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