Sports and good mood: the Day of the Athlete was celebrated in Petrozavodsk. Video

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Today all of Russia, and with it Karelia, celebrates two holidays at once: the Day of the Athlete and the All-Russian Olympic Day.

In general, the All-Russian Olympic Day usually takes place in June, but the coronavirus pandemic also made adjustments to the usual course of events. That is why it was decided to hold the holidays on the same day.

Where to celebrate a sports event? Of course, at the stadium. In the Karelian capital, everyone who is not indifferent to sports gathered at the Spartak stadium.

The holiday began with a warm-up, which was conducted by the world champion in all-style karate, a resident of Petrozavodsk Victoria Vovk.

In the capital of Karelia, despite the covid, the Athlete’s Day was celebrated

In the capital of Karelia, despite the covid, the Athlete's Day was celebrated

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The stadium itself was divided into two parts. On one of them, the most enduring and purposeful guests of the holiday passed the TRP norms, and in the same part of the stadium, adults and children played badminton. On the other, perhaps the most family part of the sporting event took place: relay races for family teams. They were chaired by the Olympic Council. Friendly teams overcame various obstacles with passion.

Meanwhile, from 9 am on Herzen, the Orange Ball street basketball competition was held.

In the afternoon at “Spartak” the competition in courtyard football began.

Naturally, the mass event, which was attended by about 200 people, was organized taking into account the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone respected social distance. Naturally, they wore protective masks. However, for the duration of physical activity, the masks were allowed to be removed. As for sports equipment, it was constantly processed with the help of sanitizers.

For a long time, people have managed to miss positive events. Sun, good mood and sports – isn’t this the guarantee of immunity?

Summer, sun, drive: the Day of the Athlete was celebrated in Petrozavodsk

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