Smolyan-optimists can issue a passport, saving 30 percent on duty

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Smolyan, always hoping for the best in the future, can not but rejoice at the news that the state duty for obtaining a new type of passport can be paid with a 30% discount.

At a time when there is nowhere to leave or fly away, except for very exotic places approved by Rospotrebnadzor, the residents of Smolensk continue to issue foreign passports with hope for the future. And in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Smolensk region, our hopes are supported. The Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that it is possible to pay duties on public services with a “discount” of 30% until the end of 2020.

So, if the state duty for a new design passport is 3,500 rubles, then when paying the state duty through the portal of public services, its amount will be 2,450 rubles. The discount is provided only when submitting an electronic application for a foreign passport directly through the State Service portal.

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