Pushkov appreciated the departure of the BBC journalist from Putin’s press conference

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Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the departure of BBC correspondent Steven Rosenberg from the press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He stressed that, despite all the journalist’s explanations about the deadline, a foreign correspondent should not behave this way.

“Moreover, after they gave you a question, although they might not have given it, since there were many who wanted to, and even three times they very politely called him by name – Stephen, although they might not have called him. I suppose foreign correspondents shouldn’t behave like that, ”he wrote in his Telegram channel on Saturday, December 19.

On December 17, Putin held a big press conference, during which Rosenberg asked the president whether he believed he was responsible for the “deplorable state” of Russia’s relations with the United States, Great Britain and other countries. Putin noted that it was NATO that broke its word and began to move within the borders of the Russian Federation, and in comparison with the West, Moscow is generally “white and fluffy.”

The head of state also stressed that he would do everything in the interests of Russia. After that, the BBC journalist left the hall.

The next day, Rosenberg said that his premature departure from the press conference was not a “flight.” He asked not to consider his departure as an act of disrespect for the Russian leader, since his reason is the urgent need to convey information to the editorial office. The reporter also thanked Putin for the opportunity to ask a question.

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