Smolensk volunteers take part in the “Memory Watch” near Rzhev

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The Youth All-Russian Search Forum “Territory of Action: Watch of Memory” continues in the Rzhevsky District. It is attended by

During the first day of participation in the forum, representatives of the Smolensk region took part in a huge number of events, including search events.

“I am very touched by the speeches of the speakers at the forum about the great goal and their heroic deeds, about the number of soldiers missing and not returning from the fields after the battle of Rzhev, but this did not give a complete picture.

I am proud of the guys who regularly participate in searches and spend their free time searching activities. I got tremendous emotions when I heard on the radio “The first squad is raising a fighter”, which means that the day was not in vain, but when we ourselves found a fighter and began to write a report … Our mentors, being experienced search engines, did not remain calm, but what happened to newcomers is indescribable … This man defended our homeland, he has a family somewhere and close people who do not know what happened to him, but he is now lying here … He did not return home … And now you can send go home and tell his family what happened to him.

How important it is, I don’t know how to describe in words all those emotions that we experienced, but I am sincerely proud of the search engines! Guys, you are the best, THANKS for bringing our grandparents home after so many years!

I am glad that in our country there are such wonderful forums and memory watches, where young people can learn about search activities and feel alive how it happens! “, – said the participant of the event Emilia Smolyanka.

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