Clashes between protesters and security forces continue in Minsk

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In several districts of Minsk there are clashes between protesters and security officials.

So, according to the TYT.BY portal, in the southeastern part of the city in the Serebryanka microdistrict, several hundred people, cars blocked the entrance to Rokossovsky Avenue. After that, the security forces arrived there, began to disperse, detained three people, and then began to run along the entrances of residential buildings, where other protesters fled. Sounds like firecrackers are heard.

The dispersal of a group of protesters began in another area – in Uruchye.

In the north-west of Minsk, in the Kamennaya Gorka district, several dozen protesters blocked the roadway to the exit from the city. The protesters threw several bottles into a passing police car.

On Lyubimov Avenue, the OMON lined up across Dzerzhinsky Avenue and opened fire with rubber bullets at the protesters at the Magnit shopping center, who were trying to block Dzerzhinsky Avenue. Protesters flee to Pavlov Park. But there are many paddy wagons installed there.

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